Top Seven Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Top 7 Digital Marketing Strategies for Startups

Ideally, businesses are advised to divert 12-20% of their net revenue to the marketing budget. For the billion-dollar companies, that is more than enough. However, for startups who are just opening shop and still struggling to maintain a healthy flow of revenue, that 20% ideal figure may not seem feasible.This is where digital or online marketing comes into play. Digital marketing provides cost-effective solution for startups.

More and more people are on mobile and tabs. The youngsters today are neither watching traditional Television not do they read newspapers and magazines. To connect with the targeted market most startups these days have toadopt digital marketing. But not all the weapons that digital marketing companies use are equally effective. Few digital marketing strategies hit the bullseye, while others don’t.

Let’s look at 7 digital marketing strategies that are startup-friendly from all counts.

1. Content marketing

The big brands around the globe are investing heavily in content marketing as both corporate and household customers are becoming research-oriented. Estimates show that 71% of businesses are now taking business decisions after research and more than 80% of shoppers search for the product, its reviews and description on the internet before buying. To gain the attention of these crowds, invest in blogs, reports, eBooks, and whitepapers early and keep distributing them in the market. Plan a good content marketing strategy that engages your audience. Create content that is unique and fresh to have a strong impact on your target market.

2. Social Media Marketing

More than 55% of consumers search for products on social media. Buying decisions are heavily influenced by the posts that go up here.Social media has become a powerful marketing tool. As per a report published by Social Media Examiner, 90% of marketers corroborated that social media is crucial to their businesses. 89% of marketers revealed that their social media initiatives have boosted the company’s exposure to targeted customers.With a strong social media marketing strategy,it’s easy to get the right exposure. A professional social media marketing company can help develop a robust social media strategy for your startup and optimize the ad campaigns.

Some of the most common social media platforms for every startup are Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. One needs to give a try to some platforms to see which works best for your business, before choosing anyone or two.

3. Email marketing

And while you are distributing your content without charging anything, be sure to ask your potential customers for their email IDs. Emаilmarketing, if done right, can be a treasure-trove. But if donewrong, it just takes up a lot of time and money without any ROI. You need to have a perfect strategy and great tools to manage the process. Find an email marketing company with knowledge of the industry, its technical aspects and content creation for delivering results.Then, use the most economical strategy of digital marketing that generates almost 120% return on investment. Email marketing allows you to directly reach your customers. People open their emails almost daily and if your subject is catchy enough, a large portion will read your message.

4. Search Engine Optimisation

Organic traffic from search engines will generate a maximum of your revenue as a higher rank on Google or Bing brings trust and authority. SEO can easily slide with your content marketing strategy or website designing and over time you will start ranking in all search engines. The visitors here are highly targeted. The SEO tools used by digital marketing companies can help catapult your startup from scratch and elevate your website on search engines. They enter in the middle of your sales funnel and almost always generates a transaction.

5. Search Engine Marketing

SEO is time-consuming. It often takes more than a year to reach the first page for popular keywords. But there is another way to sit at the top of all organic results and the method is instantaneous. Search Engine Marketing is the strategy by which you run your ad at the top of a search page and pay only if a user clicks on your link. This is an excellent way to display yourself in front of the internet audience while waiting for SEO to do its magic. All you need is a great landing page, a captivating headline and an AdWords-like account. Pау-Реr-Click advertising can be quite rewarding. However, it can also drainresources if not done right. Consult a professional SEO company and they could assist you in planning a perfect PPC plan from scratch.

Influencer marketing

Almost all startups today are flocking to social media influencers to reach out to targeted customers. It is a highly effective and a very inexpensive technique to grow your startup.These influencers already have over a million followers. One post describing your product or service can generate massive outreach. Multiple influencers can spread your word to that many followers and their influence becomes your marketing asset.You can get huge exposure for your startupand also gain trust of customers. You can tie-up with popular influencers or even micro-influencers to promote your brand

Referral marketing

Amazon’s marketing strategy that expanded its empire. Studies have shown that 92% of all shoppers are more likely to buy your product if someone refers it to them. Referral marketing works wonders in a fashion, beautyand few services where your current customer in the market becomes your salesperson. A link to your product is placed on their website or YouTube channel. The person receives a specific amount everytime he/she directs a user to you.

There are many strategies and channels through which you can promote your startup without investing a huge amount. The most vital thing is to know your audience, their behavior and choices.

Startup marketing is not impossible with limited resources. Think differently, be creative and take a few chances and you will get success. You can also hire a digital marketing company to promote your startup at nominal charges,

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