Twitter Marketing

With more than 300 million active users Twitter presents a huge opportunity for businesses to develop relationships with their targeted audience and convert them into brand advocates. By not having the resources and expertise to organize and execute a Twitter marketing campaign effectively, many businesses don’t even consider this platform for their marketing tactics. All that is required is the consistent creation of original, engaging content that attracts and delights followers and converts them into leads and customers.

The best visual identity for your brand

At AMS Digital we help you develop a thorough organic and paid Twitter marketing strategy to boost your bottom line. Our Twitter marketing strategies drive brand awareness by participating in trending topics and Twitter chats, scheduling curated and original content tweets, engaging with followers, and creating highly targeted paid advertisements.

This is what we’re doing!

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Target Audience

The Twitter marketing experts ready to drive a campaign to find out the intended audience and carry out engaging marketing content within a limit of 280 words.


The marketing team spends sufficient time in identifying the overall business advertising priorities and the usual activities of the target audience on the website and then recommends the best plan, including schedules of promotions, expenditures and expected results. Through a solid experience in twitter marketing, we know that it takes a light touch to boost a brand on Twitter. Therefore, we ensures that the Twitter marketing strategy we create for you, is not only advanced and relevant to your needs, but also adheres to the advertising and marketing ethical code of the site.

Networking and Branding

The networking and branding consider establishing a notable twitter presence for the brand and communication with the main influencers to keep a thriving community. The professionals help in stimulating positive interaction with the followers and make sure that the Twitter profile is compatible with the brand specifically with the website. This will give the users a satisfying experience. We also assist with the online tweet promotion to handle the actual discussions.

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